Emmy Award-Winning Journalist | Former TV Anchor | Speaker

Executive Coach and Master Storyteller

I help executive leaders and high-impact entrepreneurs craft a compelling story to use in multiple channels.  This involves laser-focused messaging and powerful storytelling techniques to move their audience into action.  Using my decade of media acumen, thousands of live on-air reports, speaker experience as well as hosting my private workshops, I move my clients to take action and SOAR.
My clients call my process transformative.  Those who work with me breakthrough fears, create a deeper impact and increase their visibility— within weeks.


I work privately with top Executives to help them standout in their industry and attract clients through a dynamic signature story. I help them conquer limiting beliefs, highlight their strengths and increase their visibility so they can be the go-to expert in their industry. I also work as a consultant for companies who desire consistent and powerful messaging on all platforms, including storytelling through social media.


I work with aspiring, new and mid-level entrepreneurs on crafting a structured signature story. I guide them through my insider tips on the storytelling process, writing and delivery techniques. I also help them breakthrough the mental road block of making the “Speaker Dream” into a “Reality” (no more wishing!) This is in-depth training where I walk alongside each entrepreneur and ‘show them the ropes.’ You can start sharing your story within days, not months or years.


You may never have tried an Executive Coach. I believe it’s the quickest way to make the changes you want. Click on the button below to begin the application process. I only accept a limited number of new clients predicated upon being a good fit and desire to take immediate action.