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“Time flies when you’re having fun. And that’s exactly how Bofta’s presentation at our association was today: F-U-N! Not only was she very professional, engaging, energetic and confident, but her material was insightful, relevant and well-structured.”



Boldly Embracing Your Multidimensional Gifts and Story.

Bofta’s philosophy for business and life is to “uncover the golden threads that make you unique and weave them together to showcase your whole, beautiful being.”

As a premier keynote speaker and owner of a boutique visibility and marketing firm, Bofta is living proof that success is not a static object one obtains but a flowing fabric woven from life’s trials and struggles that you wear as a banner of strength and resilience. She believes in embracing your Multi-dimensional Gifts™ and taking risks to create your own route to success — and embracing the challenges, too.

As trials go, here’s some of the pieces that led to her resilient spirit:

  • Experienced financial hardships as the daughter of Ethiopian immigrants who heavily supported other family members migrating to the United States
  • Fought teenage depression after her family lost their home to foreclosure; managed to pay her own way through college
  • Battled her way into the broadcasting world as a minority woman with no “inside connections” 
  • Encountered a financial ceiling in corporate and realized the best way to remove it was to start her own business.  Simultaneously, she felt the overarching need to “play bigger,” develop her own brand and spread her gifts and talents on a global level
  • With the odds stacked against her, Bofta found strength, resilience, and confidence to overcome each obstacle.

And each experience gives her another thread to weave into the story of her life that she now uses to inspire others to play bigger, launch their visibility and communicate their powerful message. 

Leadership Speaker and Story Coach

Today, Bofta is a sought-after speaker, workshop organizer, and coach that helps audiences and clients recognize the power of stories and how to leverage them to create clarity and confidence in your business and your brand. Her signature mastermind Speak and Influence has helped hundreds of experts play bigger and be seen by increasing their visibility through speaking.

For more than a decade, Bofta has reported live on the morning and evening news for top TV outlets, including CBS National News, EuroNews and BBC. From the White House and the historial 2020 election to the Covid-19 response, Bofta has covered a plethora of stories that have appeared across the country.

Emmy® & Edward R. Murrow Award-Winning Journalist and National TV Correspondent.

She reports LIVE on The Black News Channel, a National TV Network, where she covers policies and legislation dominating Washington with a special focus on the impact to people of color.  Bofta is the first Ethiopian-American newscaster to receive an Emmy® award. From the NAACP to Gabrielle Union-Wade and Hollywood directors, Bofta has anchored shows and interviewed a wide range of change agents who are leveraging their voice to make a difference.

Bofta also owns a boutique visibility firm that specializes in helping industry leaders transform their knowledge and expertise into compelling content marketing and presentations. Her clients range from CEOS to scientists and real estate professionals to sales coaches.

Leaders in every industry can benefit from golden stories that connect.

From London to Africa to Pennsylvania, Bofta captures crowds with her powerful storytelling and dynamic presence.  

  • Bofta is a graduate of the University of Maryland and was recently honored with the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry International Leadership Award and the Black Business Review’s Top 40 Under 40 Professionals.  
  • Bofta is certified as a women-owned business (WBENC) and as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). 
  • She is part of a select group of speakers who have earned the professional speaker designation by the National Speakers Association (NSA).

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